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Hi guys I have a 2012 "62" plate audi s3 8p. The steering wheel airbag had deployed so I decided to buy a new wheel.
I changed the steering wheel from the standard flat bottom from one that I think come from 8v. I'm not entirely sure.
The steering well is on the car but the airbag pins do not match.
Is it possible to connect the wires of the new airbag from the new wheel into the old plug of the old airbag to re-connect?
If so does anybody know of anyone in the Birmingham or West midlands area.



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8V - Single stage
8P up to2007 - Single stage
8P 2007 onwards - dual stage

You need a A4 8K Facelift steering wheel and airbag, the buttons on the 8V one won't work. The 8K one contains a "MODE" button, the 8V has < and >. You can change the buttons for the 8K setup.

If you do your research online you'll find guides to fit the 8K airbag into your vehicle.


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Oh it sounds really complicated. So the wheel that I have on atm in the picture would not work or is it possible for it to work?


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Ok then you have a 8K wheel, just go get a 8K airbag and you'll find guides online to help you finish the install.


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The airbag came with the wheel so I just need to find a guide online.
Is their a guide on the forum somewhere? I will have a look

So it's definitely an 8k wheel. Thanks for your help mate