Some help for a newbie soon to be S4 Avant owner!


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Fairly new to the forum although signed up a short while ago, hoping to get some advice.... Had a quick search but cannot find the answers!

Basically i've sold my 350Z and looking for an S4 Avant (B6), got my eye on a few in the trader and hoping to look at some at the weekend.

All of them have FSH but one that I have the most interest in has 58k on the clock and due a service in 3900miles? Would this be a major service (long life I presumed they are called?)? I've had a look and got the service intervals but it didnt really help (could be me being a dumbass!!).

Also is there a buyers guide for the S4 anywhere on here?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Hi Chris, Not sure if there are any buyers guides on here. What are the miles between services? I think 60k is spark plugs but they might have already been changed. might be worth changing the coil packs as well.

knowing what I now know I would be weary of one that has been kept on the long life service. I think 20k is far too long for the same oil to be sat in an engine on any car let alone a V8 performance engine. So I am planning on changing mine at 3k and then at 5k intervals after that and having the yearly inspection service.

Also get a warranty! saved me £5000! any links to the ones you are looking at? there was someone on here selling one the other day. he had it on piston heads