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  • Hello Sam, hope you are well.

    Think I might have overfilled the oil on the S4. I find it very hard to read the dipstick anyway but looked today and decided it was low. I drove the car and got it up to temp and then shut it down and left it for 5 -10 mins, then checked the dipstick. It was on the lower mark of the hatched area on the metal section between the orange plastic ends. I put half a litre in and now its above the orange plastic part.

    I,ve seen an oil extractor in Argos, is it possible to extract oil through the filler cap with a tube or can you only do it through the dipstick tube.

    Many Thanks,

    Hi Matt just seen this message as I have been away. Glad you received the spacer. How did you get on with fitting them?
    Hi Sam, spacers all recieved,thanks very much,will try and get them on the weekend.
    Thanks again,
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