slipping clutch after remap...options?


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So i just had my car mapped today. Its rapid now. 320bhp and 325lbft torque. However, on the way home on a rather spirited drive i experienced the dreaded clutch slip in 5th and 6th.

I have a 5 map switchable map so i can knock it down a map for now to avoid slipping but thats not a permanent solution. im guessing the extra torque has exposed what must have been an already weak clutch. My car has done 99k miles after all.

Im going to replace the clutch.

What are my options? Sachs organic? OEM replacement? I dont plan on going stage 2
Do i have to replace the DMF if it isnt giving problems ?



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I would think at 99K you would need to budget for a new DMF as you don’t want it stripped again if it gives up.
You say that you don’t want to go higher than stage 1 but most people at stage 2+ probably said that too.
We had a Helix organic recently fitted to a TTS by AKS that broke within a month and no gears could be engaged. Car had to be trailered back to them. No quibble and the cover plate was replaced with a Sachs and no problems since. They had a bad batch of Helix covers so if you go for Helix have AKS fit it as they are the Helix development company. Otherwise go for a Sachs organic. I would say the Sachs is kinder on the left leg with less judder but remember we had a faulty Helix cover.