Sky TV Deals???


Defo worth the wait :)

I have just finished a deal with Sky where I was getting the HD channels for £2.50per month, now thats finished, im paying about £40 a month for the Entertainment Extra and HD Channels, which is quite high considering we hardly watch any of the channels.

Anyone know of any deals going, or works for Sky on here - apparently there is a friends and family deal that they are offering for celebrating their 25yr anniversary, where you get everything for £25.

I also need a new box and remote though as the one we currently have (sky+ HD) is so slow and laggy and the remote hardly responds either - so annoying!!

I dont really want to move from Sky either.

Thanks in advance :)



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Tell them your box is not working properly and if they don't give you a new one for FREE then you are going to cancel. That usually works! :thumbsup:


Defo worth the wait :)
I called them last night, but apparently their cancellations department closes at 8pm now!!

I rang through to upgrades to see if they could do anything for me in terms of my box and package but they couldnt, so will call again later and see if I can get a deal out of them.

Fingers Crossed!!


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You say you finished a deal, but are you still in contract with them?
If you still in contract you cannot do much apart for ask them nice to change your box.
If you not in any contract with them, you can play on “I need a new box, give me one or I will leave”
You may need to pay installation fee?

How long have you been with them?
You don’t have Sky sports, but do you have the F1 channel with your HD package?

If you don’t have Sky sports or Movies or the F1 deal, think you need to ask yourself why do you have Sky?
You can get HD freeview + with catch up TV and series link

*I think the channels you receive depend where you live


Defo worth the wait :)
Hello mate, im not in contract with them, havent been for a while now.

I did call them last night and they offered me a new box (self install) and a reduction on my monthly package of 10%, which isnt great, it is cheaper than what I pay at the mo and i am getting a new box, but im going to push for multiroom and even more of a discount, as at the mo, Virgin is looking alot more tempting.

I do have the F1 channel, but to be honest, we dont use it and dont get time to watch it, the main reason for sky is, no aerial, kids channels and a couple of the asian channels for the missus!!

I did ask about the 25th anniversary deal where you get everything for £25 for 25 months, but its a friends and family deal only.


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I just sacked Virgin, £40 a month for channels nobody used, we going back to free view,


Defo worth the wait :)
Alright stranger!!!

Well no updates on this, as had no time due to the ongoing work at home and bad cold too!!!

I will look into this again in a couple of weeks and see if we get anywhere.


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Just ring them and ask to speak to cancellations.

When you get put through (you'll probably be on hold for ages!) tell them you're thinking about cancelling and you'd like to know how you go about doing it and how much notice you give (i.e. don't commit yourself in case, on the off chance, they cancel you there and then)

They'll undoubtedly ask you why you want to cancel.

Tell them that whilst you enjoy Sky and don't really want to leave, you can't afford what you are currently charged.

That should be enough for them to offer you a deal. It'll only be temporary (6 or 12 months) but just ring back at the end of the deal and repeat the process, they'll probably even tell you to do this!

I've been doing this for the past 2 and a half years. My package costs around £85 a month, but I've been paying about £50 in that time.

Like I said, don't commit yourself. If they don't offer you a deal you can just say you'll think about it after they give you the info on how to cancel and you're no worse off than you were before. But I'd bet good money that they'll offer you something.


Defo worth the wait :)
Thanks mate, I have used that method many times previously, but recently they have not been offering much, so it hasnt been great, I will give them a call this weekend hopefully and see how it goes.


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You really need to be calling weekdays nilz between 9 and 5 really mate!
Then you speak to Scottish staff at there HQ
You get more joy this way from my experience 👍


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The most I could get out of them 2 weeks ago was half price infinity internet for 12 months. £10 off was better than nothing.. Mind you We have phone, internet, entertainment extra , movies , one multi room and hd package our average bill is usually £110 a month :-( we have looked into other ways.. Ie jail broken Apple TV , humax freesat ect but trouble is nothing else seems to offer the channels that sky have that we happen to watch!

like chez said try calling weekdays 9-5 and avoid Friday afternoons!


Defo worth the wait :)
Chez, i know what you mean, they are alot better and easier to understand too :)

I dont want anything but the TV as im happy with my BB and phone line as it is for now.