Silver 8L S3, Solihull


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Spotted another Silver example on the way to work going along Longmore Row around 4:50pm. Looked standard apart from a set of A8 rims? Reg was YK51xxx I think?


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I've seen a silver one a few times driving around Solihull in the last few weeks but didn't get chance to notice the wheels. You might see me driving around in my blue 03 tqs as your local.


Defo worth the wait :)
Jo was it an Asian lad driving it?

Scott, I have a silver s3 so you may see me about, any pics of your car, will keep an eye out for you.


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Hi Nilz, I need to get some pics up soon. I took some with my iPhone but then killed my phone before I had chance to upload them :( hopefully getting a new phone soon so I'll post some up them after giving it a good clean. I'll keep an eye out for your car mate.