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scratch, dent , damage OCD

sunshinewelly Oct 8, 2018

  1. sunshinewelly

    sunshinewelly Active Member

    dont know if its just me but lately i find myself becoming anxious about where to park my s4 as i am convinced i am going to find the car dented or scratched.

    Instead of enjoying the car i am now arrive at a car park and work out the safest area to park it and obsessing over marks i find on the car.

    My wife is the complete opposite - she goes over kerbs on her car and does not worry about her car (she also own a nice vehicle) and generally thinks i am crackers when we go out in my car

    any suggestions on how to simply relax and enjoy this fine machine
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  3. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    I got mine fully wrapped for almost this exact reason. I know it's just a car but if I see scratches from someone being stupid it annoys me. I know that the wrap won't stop little dents but I've found it's easier to have little dents repaired than paint. :)
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  4. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    See my comments in the pictures thread, absolutely paranoid and will walk a mile if it means my car is safe, or go out in my partner's car.
    Thing is, she just got rid of her 2013 fiesta and there was not one mark on it, or any scuffed wheels...
  5. Riko0073

    Riko0073 Well-Known Member Team Daytona V6T Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Welcome to my world...and quite a few other proud car owners mate!
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  6. sunshinewelly

    sunshinewelly Active Member

    its a fine between being proud and being obsessive.

    :icon thumright:
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  7. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    I know which side I am on, the amount of brushes and different cleaning chemicals assures me...
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  8. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S5 Black Edition

    There are a lot of us with exactly the same mental illness :yes:

    I am very glad for Google streetview. When I can, I check out car parks in advance to see where the safest spaces are.

    Fortunately my wife is very understanding. She's got a nice car and is also protective of hers, but perhaps not quite as much as me.

    Now that my S5 is 3.5 years old I am slightly less worried about it, but I will still park away from the "careless" drivers if I can. The thing is, due to my obsession the car is still scratch and dent free. So it is worth the effort.
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  9. Filipão

    Filipão Active Member Audi S4

    Oh God, so many soul mates... Thank you for being there too.
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  10. blackb9er

    blackb9er Active Member Team Brilliant Black Team V6 TDi Audi A4 quattro

    Its annoying but there’s nothing that cant be fixed these days so I tend not to worry to much

    Last week I returned to my car after a shopping trip to find that it had been scraped along the passenger side back door. ( was parked in the middle of 2 more expensive cars) I was fuming! but had to remind myself that its an easy fix and not to let it ruin my day! Got it booked in at the body shop when i got home, goes in on Thursday morning and it’ll look like new again by mid afternoon.

    Id rather not spend £100 for someone else’s mistake but at the same time i didn’t bat an eyelid that day when i walked out of Marks&Spencer £110 lighter with a few bags of shopping I could have got for half the price next door at Asda

    My point is s**t happens no point in worry about things we cant control. There’s too many idiots on the road who cant park so its likely to happen at some point regardless of where you park. Just focus on enjoying your car you’ve worked very hard for and be glad you have insurance and in a position to be able to fix it without too much stress (to your pockets) if/when it does happen
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  11. A12RNX

    A12RNX Active Member TeamMisano Team V6 Audi S4 saloon Audi A6

    I always park as far away as possible or go for an end space and park exceptionaly far from the other car. If I have no option but to park next to a car I avoid cars that’s mums drive and park next to a car I think someone takes care of. I also take a picture of peoples cars parked next to mine so if the envevitable does happen I have there details.
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  13. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    There are two dents on my car. One is the usual car park door dent. The other is my doing. I slipped whilst holding the pressure washer and dinged the lance off the bodywork. So despite 4 1/2 years of OCD, ceramic coatings, careful washing I am to blame for 50% of the damage. You just can't win them all. :)
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  14. Chris S 1245

    Chris S 1245 Active Member

    No way that happened to me on Saturday My dad was helping me wash my car and the foam lance slipped out of his hand and there’s a very small dent now on the edge of the bonnet. It’s not noticeable but just annoying it’s there :(. Will try to get a picture, very OCD about my S4.
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  15. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    I actually have to run the gauntlet of parking my car twice daily in two different schools. I have my places I can park in that means no one else can park next to them but unfortunately sometimes I can't.
    One afternoon I parked my one month old A3 saloon in one of those places only to come back to find that some grammer school child had emptied a carton of pot noodles on the roof. You have no idea how angry I was...
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  16. Paul Golding

    Paul Golding Active Member Team Brilliant Black TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S tronic S-line owners group

    Oh, I think we do!

    Like others here, I'm happy to park in the farthest corner of a car park, ideally where there are lots of empty spaces so I can park "badly" to discourage anyone from trying to park either side :tearsofjoy:

    For parallel parking, I try my best to only park on the end of a row of spaces, or at least between cars with parking sensors.

    All that said, I accept that s**t does happen and everything can be put right.
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  17. SRB93

    SRB93 S5 B9 Coupe - Glacier White Team Glacier Team V6 Audi S5 Coupe

    When murder becomes quite reasonable.
  18. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    LOL, quite...

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