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S5 B9 with Black Optics

CarlG1546 Apr 26, 2018

  1. CarlG1546

    CarlG1546 New Member

    When I was configuring my S5 around beginning of March, the option of Black Optics was available. It was around £500 option. Armed with the config code, sat in the dealership, it mysteriously disappeared and I was told it was no longer possible. I didn't get a great explanation as to why from the dealer but he has told me that he will speak to the adminstator and ask if he can add it on at the factory which does not fill me with hope.
    Oddly, it is available on the audi.de site for instance and therefore you would not have thought it would be beyond the capability of audi to add this on as it is clearly being added for cars destined for other european markets. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What do you think my chances of the this happening are or has the dealer just palmed me off?

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