s5 b9

  1. Marc A

    APR Stage 1 vs AmD Tuning custom map?

    Opinions on APR Stage 1 map vs AmD tuning (Essex) custom stage 1? AmD used to supply APR but now only do their own maps. Does anyone have experience with their custom map? Both are same price more or less. I'm looking at stage 1 for my S5 B9 (354bph stock).
  2. Marc A

    S5 to RS5 (B9) brake conversion

    Hi all New to forum and new B9 S5 Sportback owner. Has anyone converted their B9 S5 front brakes to a RS5 kit? Any suggestions on best place to buy pre-owned (I'm on a budget) and fit around the East London area? AmD tuning has been recommended to me. I'm not very happy with the braking...
  3. A

    S5 2017-2019 stock exhaust options

    Hi Guys, Hello from a newcomer to the forum and maybe S5 owner soon. Question: was there only 1 stock exhaust in S5 B9, pre-facelift ie. 2017-2019? And is it the standard stock exhaust which has active valves? Or, perhaps like for RS5, was there an optional "Sport exhaust system" for S5 too...
  4. L

    Audi 2020 Delivery Times

    Hi guys, first post on here, ordered my new S5 at the beginning of a June and initially got a build date of the end of August, anyhow by the middle of July the car had been built and had changed to build stage 30, the dealer said last week that it had arrived at emden. Anyone else waiting at the...
  5. JimmyQuattro

    S5 Mega MPG!!

    Hi all, today I drove from Farnborough to Manchester in the S5, put the cruise on at 63, had a clear run back and managed nearly 46mpg!! It’s on Dunlop winter tyres still and was on Tesco momentum. Anyone else had such good results on a run?
  6. I

    S5 B9 Disable Convience Key?

    Hi, I'm picking up a 2017 S5 B9 tomorrow. It has a load of optional extras, one being Advanced Key. I have bought a Faraday bag and disklok for home but I'm worried about thieves using a relay attack when I'm about and about and 'near' the car. Can anyone with a 2017 S5 tell me if there is an...
  7. JimmyQuattro

    Who’s got carbon!?

    So I’ve been looking at all the carbon goodies available for the S5 B9 and there’s so much choice and different manufacturers. Some stuff is priced five times identical stuff so... What’ve you got? Where’s it from? How does it fit? Pics or it’s not true! Look forward to seeing what comes up!
  8. JimmyQuattro

    Exhaust... anyone actually changed it?

    Hi all, Been sifting through the new s5 forum and there’s a lot of talk about exhaust valve unplugs and if back box deletes make any difference etc But... has anyone actually changed out the stock exhaust on a b9 S5 on here? Obviously YouTube has loads of sound clips but I’m not going to go...
  9. JimmyQuattro

    Ceramic Coated Navarra Blue S5 b9

    Hi All, Few weeks back I got my S5 ceramic coated by Finer Detailing Ltd in Manchester. Now I’ve joined the forum I thought I’d post a few pics for anyone else thinking of getting it done. Hopefully I’ve uploaded the pics right. Well worth it in my opinion
  10. Chimp

    2017 S5 Coupe - What Temp does your car run at?

    Hi I have read a thread in the B9 A4 forum and wondering if my car is having a problem. I have noticed over the end of last week and weekend that my car's start stop has not worked, just get the not available symbol, I assumed it was because I had heated rear screen and stuff on and the...
  11. G

    Exhaust valve mod - alternative

    I was looking through this thread: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/s5-exhaust-valve-mod.327005/ I gave the mod a go and it works great (no more single black pipe and better sound - did seem to get better over time too which was odd). When I scanned the car (ODBEleven) I saw the error...
  12. CarlG1546

    S5 B9 with Black Optics

    When I was configuring my S5 around beginning of March, the option of Black Optics was available. It was around £500 option. Armed with the config code, sat in the dealership, it mysteriously disappeared and I was told it was no longer possible. I didn't get a great explanation as to why from...
  13. CarlG1546

    S5 Navarra Blue with Red Magma Nappa?

    I ordered my S5 Sportsback a couple of weeks ago and it will be going into build soon so there is still a short window to still make changes. My question is, I have also gone for red seats. Is this an odd combination?
  14. Chimp

    2017 S5 Coupe- What Oil?

    Hi I don't have the manual handy and not near the car for a good few hours but wanted to get some oil on the way home as I didn't get any in the car when new. The MMI is showing just under half on the scale... figured a top up is needed. Car has 11.5k miles on the clock so burning a little...
  15. M

    Looking for original S5 B9 19inch rims

    Anyone has original S5 B9 19inch rims (cavo design) to let go? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.