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RS4 B7 Clutch issue

Jacob Wigley Apr 5, 2017

  1. Jacob Wigley

    Jacob Wigley New Member

    So after a drive in my RS4 I noticed that the clutch pedal was sticking, and as I changed to 3rd it stuck altogether, made some upsetting noises during changing and since then hasn't been right. It's been making a grinding noise as I've been shifting into gears but hasn't failed to get into gear, and after a while it actually got better and better but I still do feel and slightly hear a grinding noise when setting off and changing gear.

    Could this be the slave cylinder or the clutch? I thought it may just be the clutch pedal re-adjusting (which I've had other problems with) but the grind is still slightly there. Cheers.
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  3. Jacob Wigley

    Jacob Wigley New Member

    Update: been out in it just driving around my estate and feels fine except when I set off there is still a faint grind
  4. zeeshan266

    zeeshan266 New Member

    might be your clutch bearing or might need to replace the master cylinder on the clutch - also check your oil levels, gear oil - might even need a new clutch

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