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  • Revo and Bluefin are top of my list at the moment as well as this tuner called quantum tuners who do customer remaps instead of generic ones and still claim similar gains.

    Cheers. (Sorry still dont know how to PM :p)
    Now I'm thinking of some serious work, a remap in fact. Was wondering if you had any advice you can give me? I'm concerned about damaging the car or it's components with the added torque and any other issues that may arise from it. Also could you recommend any tuners?
    Hi there bud, long time no speak. Just thought I'd update you with what's been going on so far with my car.

    All is well, no horror stories yet (fingers crossed). really loving the car and everything about it. Got a fair amount of work done on it but it's all aesthetic (RS5 Grill, Fog lights change, tinting, interior LEDs, detailing etc).
    Would it be OK just to top the oil up whenever the light comes on and is that going to cost me an arm an a leg if it happens that often?
    Really have no experience with this and the issue is scaring me a bit. Would appreciate any insight on this, cheers! (Sorry for the multiple posts, didn't know there's a 420 limit)
    Also wanted to ask what you thought of the remap, I was thinking of remapping the 2.tfsi 180 and revo claim it can get 260bhp. How accurate are these numbers and can I expect anything close to that? Also about the dreaded oil consumption... This is the ONLY thing that is holding me back from getting a 2tfsi. Theres no way I can spend £4/5k on an engine rebuild or whatever else that needs sorted for this known issue.
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