RNS-E mk2 ticking and cannot read my sat disc


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Just bought a mk2/193 Version and Got IT fitted in my B7.

looks Nice and smooth with glossy LCDscreen, but the ****** is ticking and Can’t read my sat nav disc or other discs.

Have i bought one with a faulty laser?

or are there any other known problems with the rns-e making IT not reading discs?


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I bought a MK2 RNS-E that wouldn't read the disc and I cleaned the laser using a cotton bud with some pure alcohol on it...just gently wiped it and got lucky,it worked after that.

I just had to remove a few screws and lift off the top metal cover and that way I could get enough access to the laser to clean it.This guide shows you how to take it off...


Obviously at your own risk but maybe worth a try.