Reasons to buy a C5 RS6


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Hey troops,

Well I thought I would write a wee bit about ownership of the C5 RS6 as it seems that most of the people in the RS6 section write mostly about running costs and and reasons not to buy one.

Anyway it's 3 months now since I bought my phantom black MTM tuned C5 saloon and all I can say it's the most fun I've had with my clothes on. It's bonkers. Stupid bonkers.

Now before you ask I done my homework before I bought this one two years to be exact and passed up on a few cars before I purchased this one. There are some very good examples out there but I wanted a tuned version so it was a while before I made a purchase.

It's got a brand new transmission and up rated torque convertor, MTM tuned engine with up rated internals, new turbos, Wagner coolers, OEM brakes replaced pads and disks, full Milltek with cats removed, coil overs and pushing 610 BHP all fitted at expense by the last owner.

So reasons to buy one, it's stupid fast. Not that I condone speeding but for a vehicle this size it can shift.

It's big enough to haul me the wife and two kids around including the double pram and luggage which I was surprised at considering it it the saloon.

The wife actually likes it as it's pretty subtle compared to the VXR Monaro I had. Better built too for a 10 year old car.

It's sounds amazing. If you get one get it with Milltek exhausts.

610 BHP is enough linear shunt for me but I know you can tune them to 800 BHP.

Decent seats. It has really comfy Recaro seats which you need if you are running coil overs and 19 inch wheels with elastic bands.

I'm paying less on insurance than what I did for my Honda Type R.

The only things I would pull up are the ride is pretty harsh with the suspension and wheels that the car came with.(19 inch MTM bi moto)

The twat nav is pretty dated compared to the MMI I have in my B7 Avant Tdi. You can get it upgraded to the more modern MMI.

The UV protective coating on the headlights is gone yellow. These can be polished out but will not cure the problem.

And my biggest gripe is the Battery. As I work away the car sits in the garage for weeks at a time. If the car is not used for over a week all the the electrickery in the car drains the battery flat.

Yes they are expensive to maintain but if you can afford one get one.

All in all I love it.


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get it plugged in to a cetek battery conditioner...... I have them on my RS6 and bikes... great charger at a decent price.

helps out with the diva battery issues... ;)

I do agree with you, once sorted and running properly the RS6 is a beast of a car, not much can touch it...

having said that, I still prefer my S8... can do 95% of what the RS can, and it's so better built and doesn't throw a tantrum every 6 seconds...

but yeah.... RS6... woohoo.... go RS... :D


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I had an 2003 last of the old shape A8. It was only the 2.8 V6 but was full loaded with the Recaro interior.

And you are right about the build quality it was solid. Very well built.

I'm very tempted by the S8 as they are top engineered cars for the money.

Only reason I got rid was the oil cooler sprung a leak and to get to it you have to remove the front end and inner wing. Had it 2 years and sold it for the same price as I bought it lol.