Rear end vibration Pirelli P Zero


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Noticed on collection day that my new A6 allroad fitted with 255/45/19 Pirelli p zeros had what can only be described as a lumpy ride, steering is pretty solid. I
noticed I was in dynamic and the tyre pressures were 40psi all round. I have now adjusted to 33f and 30r (+1 psi over door card) and I am still experiencing vibrations through the car. It seems far worse first thing in the morning when the car had stood over night so possibly a flat spotting issue which I've experienced before with Pirelli tyres. I left home the other morning when the temp had stayed similar through the day and night and the car drive nicely. I left home this morning and it was 15 deg so had dropped 15deg over night from the 30 deg when I parked up and the car vibrated, not much but enough to see the passenger seat vibrate. It took a good 10 miles for the car to smooth out. I'm nervous about taking it back to the dealer as they will say it's balance but i'm sure it is not else it would never smooth out which it dies on smooth Tarmac. Do any of you experience similar issues? Thanks

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