Vibration when braking

Stuart 1966

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May 22, 2020
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Hi all hope you can help my 2012 a6 c7 3.0 quatro auto has developed a vibration from the o/s wheel when braking very noticeable at 20 30 mph to describe the noise and feeling its like you have a bolt stuck in your tyre.
Initially I thought warped discs obviously after checking the tyre for a bolt so I changed discs and pads still no change. I then tried changing the tyres around still no change. I then swapped discs around in case I got a dodgy one still no difference. I then changed the wheel bearing which
was only fitted in Jan still no difference my next step is the driveshaft and cv joints but surely this would be constant not just when braking or the only other thing that turns is the gearbox which was fully reconditioned by a specialist 18 months ago.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end