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Rear axle bush tracking control

den911 May 23, 2020 at 11:36 AM

  1. den911

    den911 Member

    Hi i have a 2011 8p 1.6tdi cabriolet and i have just had the rear tyres removed and replaced with new..However on inspection there was wear on the inner edges so was advised to get tracking done unfortunately the guy was reluctant as the bolts were difficult to remove and the bushes looked shot at..I can understand him not wanting to try and loosen in case the bolt snapped so he advised replacing with new bushes,now i have attempted many jobs on my cars in the past normaly done on the drive what i would like advise on is as anyone done this without encountering any major problems ..As a key worker i do have a garage that will do the job for me but at the moment they can't give me a day which is fully understandable at this present time..If anyone can give me any info on the job it would be apreciated,also i can source via Europarts as i can get click and collect as a key worker..Thanks
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  3. Troubs12

    Troubs12 Active Member

    Hiya mate the inner bushes on the rear arms tend to seize in place. In my experience the best way to sort it is to get it in the air, remove the rear springs and cut the seized bushes out and fit new arms. However Vag motors tend to suffer with chomping of the inner edge of tyres. You tend to get a bit of “sawtooth” wear first. I mentioned it a few times with Volkwagen/Audi when worked for them and the kinda accepted explanation was incorrect tyre pressure. If your alignment is within spec then it might pay to double and triple check the pressures all round and adjust when you load it up and empty it etc.

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  4. den911

    den911 Member

    Hi Thanks for the reply ,i do check my pressures pretty regular but the old tyres that came off were cheap budget tyres so i can't vouch for previous owner anyway i may just get it booked in a garage as they will have the tools to remove pold bush and i do remember having some fun removing and replacing new bushes on previous cars and the tracking /control bush looks a bit meaty to remove ..

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