Rear tracking adjustment maxed out


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May 14, 2019
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Hi I have a A3 1.6 tdi cab and last week I had two brand new rear tyres fitted and was advised that the tracking needing doing as the rear inners had worn a lot ..When the guy tried to adjust the rears he couldn't as the bolts had seized inside the bush,i have now just had two new bushes and 4 brand new bolts fitted however after returning to get the alignments done he said front were ok and rear passenger was fine but the rear drivers would not adjust anymore to get it within the tolerance,said it was a few mill out.. He said everything looked fine underneath etc and I told him it was new bushes and bolts as anyone had any experience with this sort of issue and how I can sort it..Thanks
The old bushes could have been badly worn causing the tracking to be so far out, once the new bushes has been fitted it has bought things back as it should. Check to see if the bushes on the side that is still out are seated/fitted fully.

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Bushes and bolts all oem and fitted just this morning at a local garage,it was the guy that did the 4 wheel alignment that said he could could not adjust any further ,as far as I can see the bush looks seated
Was the vehicle correctly loaded etc for the tracking check? Not done an A3 before but at work we have loading specs
Hi, i have had the bushes and bolts replaced (all new) at local garage..I then took it to a garage that did tracking however they could do front and nearside rear but could not get the offside rear adjust to the point were it was within tolerance a couple of mill out he said but he did say it was a lot better than it was before i hgad new boilts and bushes ..

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