Quick question - Front Upper Contol Arms


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Quick question - About to get the front upper control arms repalced. Is there anything else that experience would suggest is worth doing at the same time during that particular job???


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Considering the next mods.....
Yeah, if the lower arms look dodgy then do the lot, then get your tracking done.

If your doing it your self. Plus gas or gt40 the bolts the night before! And get a kit which includes the bolts!

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Hi pule333 - I "cheated" and took it to a dealer near where I work and they had some difficulty.

After some faffing, they heated the bolts a fair few times and they finally came loose.

Took them around 5 hours of elapsed time (not working time).

Some do it on their driveway - but I havn't got the time or space at the moment, so I do the oil services and other basic bits at home and let the dealer do the bigger jobs like that one for example. There's very few independents round here who want to get stuck into stuff like that, and the tyre sellers havn't got the skillsets. Even getting a clutch changed on the 106 was a problem trying to find someone to take on the job.