Puddle lights and hazard lights fix (on doors)


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Jan 21, 2010
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I was changing a bulb on the puddle light of my drivers door last year and on removing the bulb i shorted something. both of the lights went off and couldn't get them to come back on. couldnt see anything to check as it was a box of electronics. :banghead::crying:

Fast forward 1 year and a diagnostic from audi revealed that my window motor regulator (which happens to control the door speakers, window switch, amongst other things) was returning a fault.

they said that it would be £265 for a replacement part if i did it now, and that if it had to come back to get it done later since they would have to remove the door card again and it would need reprogramming for the window level or something and it would be £365. :ohmy:

so after they got me off the floor from fainting, i said id leave it. (obviously) :bye:

now, trolling through ebay i find such a part (part no: 8E2 959 802B) for £22 + £8 postage. so i bid, and win.

fitted it this afternoon, and it was a straight swap over and hey presto all is well. i have everything working as it should again. no programming required.

so if this happens to you, it pays to look through ebay, i saved £335. not that i would have paid that stupid amount of money for 2 lights of course!:icon_thumright:

by the way, in case you werent sure, i was told that the part numbers 8E2 959 802B is a later model part than 8E2 959 802. the replacement was from a 2005 a4 whereas mine is a 2002.
also i couldnt see why it would need reprogramming for the window level when all a4s saloon and avant have the same level. i can see if its from a cab and fitting to a different model like saloon.