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Prospective 2010 Tts Buyer...

E46toTTS Aug 25, 2014

  1. E46toTTS

    E46toTTS New Member

    Hi guys, I just registered here and am interested in first of all if this is the best forums to use for Audi related stuff....I currently own an E46 M3 which I love, and I am the prvious owner of a 2001 TT....I'm currently looking at a 2010 TTS Prestige model, and am wondering if there is anything I need to know about these cars to check for when buying. When I bought my M3 I wasn't aware of forums, and really didn't know anything about what to look for....luckily I got a great example of the model....anyway, any help would be appreciated, and also maybe some advice on best places to buy stuff for it, or websites to bookmark...Thanks alot...oh btw, I'm in the US if that makes any difference for the forums to use...
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    You're best bet for TT related info will be the TTForum.co.uk, plenty of guys from the US and Canada use it (think its actually owned by Canadians now). You'll be able to find everything on there and if you have any questions just post them up and they will get answered pretty much straight away. Watch out for sarcastic comments though, some of the guys are realy keyboard gangsters haha

  3. E46toTTS

    E46toTTS New Member

    Thanks for the help....
  4. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member TeamMisano Audi S3 Audi A3

    Pre 09 are prone to faulty window regulators! I know your looking at a 10 but it may be worth checking to see if yours has the updated regulators.

    I had a TTS before the current S3 and it is a great car! Good luck

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