Ouch, my poor wallet


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I like to feed my v6 with a diet of 99Octane petrol, keeps it nice and zippy (and I had it re-mapped with 99 in it, so the WOT timing is optimised for that), but that habit is becoming very expensive. I filled up on Sunday, cost me £64 :scared2:

105.9p a litre. Frack. :wtf:

If it carries on like this, I'm going to have to seriously re-consider my car ownership options for something more fuel-efficient - which is of course what they want us to do, but this is starting to get seriously expensive.


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Well Diesel isn't much better mate, it was 98.9 last week today it has gone up to 103.9 for the first time ever it cost me more in £'s than litres! I cannot understand how it can be soooo high (well yes I know about the unrest in the middle east etc) but surely it can't keep going up at this rate.. The Labour govenment are going to have to do something about the tax on fuel???


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Tis all government B&&^%$*s anyway.

We were over in Dublin last week, & over here diesel is more expensive than unleaded. It's the other way around over there.

Yeah, oil might be expensive, but I reckon our lovely government just shift on what sells the most. How many diesel cars are sold compared to petrol. Bet the diesels are the majority.

Thieving %$£"s eh<S>

Rant mode off

Shane, (York)


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Well, thank g*d I got rid of my BMW 328 Sport, and now own a Audi Avant 2.5 TDi Q Sport....i average 35 to 40ish a gallon of the oily stuff which is twice as good as the old BMW...yeah I noticed the sudden jump from 99.7p to 103.7p a litre over the past week....hmmm

Well, it was only a few years ago the government sh*t themselves with the blockades around petrol distribution centres took place....strange how its all so quiet now.....

Would be interesting to see how the hard presed hauliers will be with high diesel prices......maybe we should be like the French...would only take say 50 disabled trucks on every motorway to bring traffic to a stands till .....

Glad I have a diesel now anyways....