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Oil and suspension questions

Juddha Mar 9, 2019

  1. Juddha

    Juddha Registered User

    Hey guys/gals

    I am wondering what people are running in rear diff and gearbox/transaxle. I definitely have to do the rear diff and will be doing the Haldex again, I have no history on it being done, so did it last service and will do it again just in case. I've heard that Redline MT90 is the goop to pour in there, so likely to use that, can any one tell me how much I need? Any other options? I'm sure I have been told but have forgotten.

    What do people run in the gearbox? and can anyone tell me the service interval. my car was stolen in a previous life and with that went all the manuals. I have found the one on audihowto, but can't see it mentioning it.

    Next I want to start looking at suspension stuffs. It's my daily although I would like to do some track events, when the time allows. Comfort is a thing, but I used to daily a 5" lifted Patrol, so anything will probably be more comfortable than that. I want to drop it 25mm ish, I lug around stuff, and I'm not into stance stuff. I want it to go round corners good.

    I think I want coil overs, my heart says Bilstein B16 "balls to the wall yolo", my wallet says BC Racing. Everything I've seen says the BC's are good, and will do everything I "need" and more. Should I go adjustable top mounts too?

    I need to do bushes as well, basically all mine are shagged, so figure why not do it all, cos "racecar" or something like that. Is it worth sticking in adjustable rears arms? what adjustment does the factory set up have? I've read the set up guide on Audi-Sport and many other posts, and they haven't really answered my questions. what are the fronts like in terms of adjustment, do they need upgrading etc as well.

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