1. s3mad_dude

    For Sale A3 8V 40 watts “Audi Sound System” front door speakers

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale a pair of front door speakers for the Audi A3/S3/RS3 8V series. The speakers are from the Audi Sound System which is the second type of music setup that Audi offered. It’s better then the basic setup as it comes with more speakers, more powerful speakers too, and a...
  2. John_Tuohy

    A full rebuild of a 2.0TDi

    Hey guys, this is a cracking forum and I could sit all day enjoying the work done. You guys really know your stuff so any help or comments much appreciated !!! I have a much loved 2008 140BHP A4 2.0TDi S-line that is facing a complete engine rebuild. This is personal, so financial common sense...
  3. mjharper

    Stage 1 2.0 TFSI, what next?

    Hi everyone, After a lengthy battle with a dodgy garage and help from section 75 I got my engine rebuilt by a specialist for the dreaded oil consumption issue that plagues this model. I also had a stage 1 map which I think took me to around 260/70. I was considering going a bit further next...
  4. S

    288 to 312mm brake disc upgrade!

    Hi All, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my post! I'm after a little guidance on what I need. From all the other posts I've read I can see I need the carriers from a car with a PR code of these: 1ZA 1ZC 1ZM 1ZD 1LJ. My PR code is 1ZE. My car is a 2013 8VA 2.0TDI CRBC 150BHP Mapped...
  5. Key Upgrades

    Key Upgrades

  6. SunnyJim

    Q7 Finally she’s arrived!

    Hi all. Hope you’re all keeping well. I have just joined the forum/family, as I have finally received the delivery of my 2014 Q7! The deal had been done prior to Covid lockdown came into place, so it’s been a long wait. As a first time 4x4 owner, I can definitely say I am more than pleased...
  7. S

    Halogen to Bi-Xenon 2015 A3

    Hi All, I have tried researching this with not much luck. I would love to add Bi-Xenon with Led DRL to my A3 sport Halogen pre facelift. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I am left scratching my head with this.
  8. arobson90

    Unique Auto Developments

    Has anyone used this company and installed one of these car play boxes? https://unique-ad.co.uk/product/audi-a4-carplay-box/ Based on the description it uses the original factory screen, I'm more surprised that the original factory screen can do what the video shows in terms of picture...
  9. L

    Speedo upgrade

    Can the white led clocks with mfd from roughly a 61 plate be fitted into a 07 plate with out the mfd? I have vcds if need coding
  10. GJGT A3

    A3 8p projector upgrade

    Hi All just bought some osram xenarc nightbreaker lasers for £150 on the grounds that they are the brightest bulbs on the market currently. So far they're pretty average. I am looking at upgrading the projector. Can anyone tell me the size or recommend a d3s upgrade. Also do my new HID bulbs...
  11. Sumo S5

    Upgrading Symphony 3....

    Hi All, Just bought my first Audi, a 2016 S5 Black Edition, and was looking for some advice on aftermarket systems to upgrade the Symphony 3 it has at the moment. Drove one with the full 3G+ system which was impressive but couldn't justify the £3k more the owner wanted just for the add-ons...
  12. E

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel upgrade for Audi A3 8P?

    Hi All! Just wondering if anyone knows/could help! Im wanting to see if its possible to upgrade the steering wheel on my current car to a flat bottom one - ive seen a few online on eBay etc however im unsure if they would fit/work, so if anyone knows or has done before id appreciate any...
  13. E

    Audi A4 2016 Avant sound amplifier location and wiring

    Hi. I hope i'm on the right place for help. I own Audi a4 2016 avant, and I want to upgrade my sound sistem. Do anyone has diagram for wiring to amplifier. Where is the amplifier even located? I also need repair or service manual for this car. Where can I get it? Please help. Thanks
  14. Hender

    RS Nav Wireless Android Auto

    I ordered up RSNav for my 2014 C7 A6 pre-facelift with Tech pack. I installed RSNav which wasn't too hard and it works great other than the wireless feature. RSNav Unit I'm using...
  15. killfame

    02m Gearbox 3rd-4th Gear Broken Fork - Uprated Steel Fork

    Hi there, I have direct question for known folks from VAG scene in this forum because I need serious ‘HELP’ - answers After kind of short gently pull 1st-2nd and 3rd gear I thought I loose Clutch or either Gearbox since 4th gear didnt engaged at all Well, few second later I realised that Im...
  16. B

    Brake upgrade

    Hi, Last year I bought brake calipers with discs for an upgrade and didn't have time until now for this. The brakes suppose to come from Audi A8 D4 4.2TDI as discs are 360mm (4e0 615 301) and calipers from the donor (A8). Now, I need to replace my brakes and I almost bought EBC slotted discs...
  17. T

    A3 2TDI S LINE £2K for 1st Remap, What to buy??

    Hi Guys, So I’m booking in for a ReMap this weekend, So far I’ve chose a Miltek exhaust (Titanium Tips) and a DPF Delete as previous owner has had it removed but ECU is reading its still there. Having all work done at JabbaSports So Far Total = £1125.50 So my question to you What else can I...
  18. Juddha

    Oil and suspension questions

    Hey guys/gals I am wondering what people are running in rear diff and gearbox/transaxle. I definitely have to do the rear diff and will be doing the Haldex again, I have no history on it being done, so did it last service and will do it again just in case. I've heard that Redline MT90 is the...
  19. D

    A4 b7 2.0t Clutch Upgrade

    Hi, Im new to this forum and im looking for a new clutch kit with flywheel. Im from the UK and all i can find is awesome gti's sachs clutch kit but it doesnt include a flywheel. Like most people im going down the power route and want to get a performance one. Only kits that ive found are from...
  20. C

    1.8TFSI PCV Upgrade

    Hi, I’ve seen the PCV blanking plate “delete” for the 2.0TFSI but was wondering if there is a similar mod for the 1.8TFSI? The reason I ask is that recently I had the rear crank seal replaced as it was leaking and causing a miss and I understand that a faulty PCV can blow seals etc. I’m not...