OEM LED Numberplate Lights


When I grow up, I want a 964!
Hi all,

Bought some OEM LED numberplate lights from the stealers a while back but I'm having problems fitting them. Part Number for both are 4H0 943 021 and 4H0 943 022.

I've taken the old lights out but the new ones don't seem to fit. I can get one side of the light in but not the other and it seems to be due to the clear plastic bits on one side.

Anybody else had this problem or is there something blatant I'm missing? Can upload some photos of old vs new when I get home from work later if required.



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I fitted these yesterday and they fit , they do need a bit of push in as they are a tight fit but they definatly go in mate


When I grow up, I want a 964!
Had another crack at this earlier and both are now in and working.

Christ knows what I was doing before not to get em in :blush: