Next ASN Meet Krispy Kreme now


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What's all this 'everyone gone home by 2.30' situation? I went and had mini-meet (was just me and a mixed dozen from KK :wub:).

Oh well, will pitch up on time next time!


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due to work I didn't get into Hermiston till 1430 , i did wonder why the security guy on the roundabout between KK and halfords was eyeballin me.


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Ahh..******! Got there at 3 and couldn't find anyone.Our flight back in to Edinburgh was delayed...dumped the suitcases and gave the car a once over but sorry I didn't get to see you all...the weather was perfect that day too.Will catch up with everyone next time,hopefully.


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Sorry didn't make it along. Woke up at the back of 12...managed to sleep through my alarm at 9, 9:10, 9:20 and 9:30 haha spent three hours on friday night washing the car as well :haudrauf:


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Hello everyone!

Just joined here and saw there is a Scotland forum. Shame I only saw this now as I could have come along as I was at the Edi Audi dealer on the Sat the morning!