Nexen Winguard sport winter tyres


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Just popped into demon tweeks to enquire about winter tyres for next monthish.

I had Dunlop 4ds, Conti winter contacts and goodyear ultra 8s on my list and was expecting around £600.

I know the guys that work there and they told me that the Nexen winguard sports were just as good and for not far off half the price!!

Has anyone else used these?

The reviews I have found seem pretty positive

I want to make sure that I put something decent on the S3 for the winter....


edit... these ones 225 40 18 92V Winguard Sport Winter / Cold Weather Tyre - Demon Tweeks


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I want to make sure that I put something decent on the S3 for the winter....

There not really designed for high performance cars, it will do for the run of the mill car and from what I can see it's not even XL is it? (which I am pretty sure the S3 requires)

Anyway....for under £6 more per corner you could get something that are a hidden gem for the price IMO and are just behind the best winter tyres that you have used before.

Just check out the reviews on the Winguard vs Nokian WR A3 -

Nexen Winguard Sport | the Nexen Winguard Sport reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide

Nokian WR A3 | the Nokian WR A3 reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide

If you are interested in buying -

Nokian WR A3 225/40 R18 92 V XL »

I put them on last winter and they are amazing value for money....a lot of other people I know have started switching to the Nokian WR I expect the price to go up over the next few weeks.


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Thanks both. The reviews on the Nokians are very good. I have emailed tweeks to see if they could get them in and I've asked about the XL size.


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They don't do nokians and the S3 isn't XL


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Pretty sure it is mate.

One of my neighbours uses Nokian winters on his A4 and he absolutely swears by them.

Hmmm I think you're right about the XLs. Tweeks don't do the Nokians which is a shame. I can get the Nexens for £93 each fitted (£375 all in) which is pretty good but won't be putting them on if they're no good or don't fit

For me to get the Nokians online and then have someone fit them it would cost me around £520!!

Back to looking at Dunlops, Michelin and contis for that price
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You should consider the Avons, I got a set last winter (£400) and they're fantastic. They are rated B for wet grip whereas most of the premium brands are C rated, including the Nexens.

I'll definitely be buying another set when they wear out.


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Iv just bought 4 hankook winters today got them fitted to my spare wheels.

Should I swap them now or is it still too warm ?


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Thanks for the above. I went for the Dunlop winter sport 4D 225/40 R18 XLs in the end. £148 a corner. Fitted next week. Can't wait!! (sad I know)


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Just had my Dunlop Wintersport 3D's put back on from last year. I hope I don't need em! LOl