Q3 New Q3 standard equipment



Extra £££ for:
- Front parking sensors
- Heated seats
- Lumbar support
- Folding mirrors
- Keyless go
- Phone charging
- Anything other than solid white paint
- Leather or part leather seats

Very stingey. And when you add the things you’d actually want, the price of the car is almost £40k! For a small, boring to drive family cross over.

I have the last gen but I think I’ll be getting something completely different and better value next time.


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Has been that way with Audi for years - the pre-loaded vehicles are always top of the range . Trouble is - if it ain't an Audi it will be cr*p/not as good as your 1st choice. Buy used in the spec you want and put a private plate on it.


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Nothing new in what the OP is stating, always has been pick and mix until now where many options have been dropped and added only to the expensive Vorsprung versions.