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New Car Details

FranA3 Feb 6, 2018

  1. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Team Brill Red Gold Supporter Audi A3

    Hi folks next month see's the release of 18 reg, only a month away.
    Why no get those cars booked in for the best start in life with one of FM Detailing's new car details with the added bonus of up to 5 year ceramic coatings available from Max Protect that FM Detailing are approved by. Our new car details start at £250 and start at £350 with ceramic coatings.


    07706 268041


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    upload_2018-2-6_19-51-21.jpeg upload_2018-2-6_19-51-36.jpeg upload_2018-2-6_19-51-48.jpeg upload_2018-2-6_19-51-59.jpeg upload_2018-2-6_19-52-27.jpeg upload_2018-2-6_19-53-24.jpeg
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  3. X3man

    X3man Well known member Gold Supporter X3 M40i Carbon Black

    <sigh> @FranA3 wish I was clued up enough and seen this before getting my 2018 Q5 ‍♂️ Oh well, looking forward to you correcting the paint and doing your detail and ceramic coat soon

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