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New A7 3.0T 2016 Owner

Phoenixx2 Sep 30, 2020

  1. Phoenixx2

    Phoenixx2 Registered User

    Good day to you all!

    Thought it was overdue to introduce myself.

    My name is Matt & I live down in sunny southwest of England.

    Recently purchased a A7 S-Line Black Edition 2016 3.0Tfsi with 43K on the clock with me being the second owner! :icon thumright:

    Coming from a A6 3.0Tdi C6 & before that a B7 S4 with a C5 RS6 before that too. I felt the time to change back to petrol is becoming more and more prudent these days..

    The Car drives lovely and has no issues whatsoever (so far)
    Spec isn't too bad with the following..
    Mizano pearl red
    20" Alloys
    Matrix LED's
    Nav - high
    Advance key & Keyless entry
    Heat Insulated glass
    Gloss black optic pack
    Park system plus (but no camera)
    MMI Tech High
    Piano Black Inlays
    Factory tints

    I have a few plans and options I would like to retro fit...
    Reverse camera (fitted but not yet working, will request help in alternate thread)
    ACC if not too complex
    Power folding mirrors
    RS7 Front grill & later on perhaps the front bumper
    ECS Tuning intake (already ordered)
    Fi Valvetronic Catback exhaust (waiting to be fitted)
    21" wheels for summer
    20" will most likely become winter tyre shod wheels
    Convert to the Adaptive air suspension again if not too complex
    Swap out the interior and seats for the S7 Diamond stitched leather
    Remap with pulley & belt upgrade
    Upgrade the cooling capacity (most likely the APR item for plug and play advantage)
    Maxton rear spoiler & rear bumper extensions to be fitted.
    I have VCDS full licence so can be of assistance to other members if required?

    The list will no doubt go on..

    Anyways enough rambling from me!
    Thanks :happy:

    Here she is..
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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Congratulations on your A7, great cars, I’m on my second now.

    That’s quite a list of aftermarket additions you have there, I hope you have (very) deep pockets!
  4. Phoenixx2

    Phoenixx2 Registered User

    Hi RAF_S7!

    Love the look of your S7, you've done a very nice job with that man 4.0T is a great engine!

    Haha yes, it's an expensive hobby indeed but you have to have an outlet these days, more so than ever now!

    It will be a slow road to eventually get it to where I would like, but I would like to think I'll be holding on to her for a while now.

    Once the rain clears off, the exhaust and CAI will be going on, as well as the rear spoiler lip & bumper extensions.

    Just wish I could get the damn RVC working, proving to be a PITA. Registered over a Ross-Tech Forums to hopefully source a bit of advice.
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  5. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    I know what you mean!
    I’ve tinkered with every car I’ve ever owned, and this one is no different - just more expensive :scared2:

    I’ve ran out of things to change or tinker with on the S7. Thinking about changing the interior lighting to some RGB version :chuncky:

    I would have changed cars by now, but my S7 set up is exactly how I want it. May be tempted by an C7.5 RS7 Performance. The new S7 is diesel :wtf: and the new RS7 is gorgeous but too expensive for me lol.

  6. rjwojcik

    rjwojcik Registered User

    @Phoenixx2, you're a braver man than me on the RVC front, but yes, it's a "habit", this modding lark. Keep those updates coming, she looks a nice base to start from.
  7. Fred Segers

    Fred Segers Registered User

    Nice A7 @Phoenixx2

    I have the same engine in the pre-facelift A7 so am interested in following your journey!

    Where did you order the ECS intake from and do you plan going straight to stage 2 with APR?

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