Need a new clutch, advise on doing it myself


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The clutch on my 2002 A4 109TDi Avant feels like it is on its way out. Pedal operates quite high and I'm sure I can here the engine revs raising quicker than normal during hard acceleration.

I'm planning to do this myself and with the lack of a Haynes manual for this year/model I'm looking for any advice on doing the job such as any specialist tools, what am I likely to break and how big a job it really is.

I've done clutches before but my last Audi/front wheel drive experience was about 10 years ago.

Any help appreciated.


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its well easy mate......


to someone who knows what they are doing!
Im sure you'll get plenty of advice on here, Have you done a Search??


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It's never that hard on an incline engine/gaerbox setup, normally all you'd need to do it remove the gearbox from the back of the engine (and any associated components) to expose the flywheel and there you have it. Clutch expanation in one sentence.


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Thanks for replies. Just after any hidden things to look for. Last thing I want is to find I need a Audi only tool after getting the box of or something.



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ive done mine, its a bit of a pain. There are bolts right at the top of the box, and its quite hard to get your hand in, WITH a socket etc. Make sure you use a ramp and have a couple of people helping ya!! And don't loose your wrag lol