My recent issues (water leak, water pump, injector)


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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd make a post on my recent issues.

Car: MY14 Audi S3 Saloon

Thankfully i have extended warranty!!!

So for those who read my last post I had a coolant leak where I was topping up the expansion tank. This was nearly 2 months back and they replaced the water pump (roughly £700 but I was covered)

Recently we experienced what was like misfiring where the car didn't idle right and would shut off when went to drive off.

Turns out it was an injector so they replaced the high pressure fuel injector which was faulty. Error codes said cylinder 4.

Audi assist took it in (that was a headache just getting the courtesy car!!!) And after a week of getting parts and fitting I collected it and was told they had replaced the injector and noticed the water pump leaking so replaced that too.

YES THAT'S RIGHT!!! I'm on my 3rd water pump!!! New one fitted 2 months ago was leaking again and got replaced again!!! The service guy wasn't aware so when he looked back on the system he confirmed it was the SAME water pump that was replaced (he mentioned the car has 2).

Just a bit concerned how long this eater pump will now last... another 2 months? !