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  • Hi amit87 do you still have the SDS hack please - recently bought a TT 07 with RNS E and looking to try this? Thanks in advance, Jonathan
    Hi amit87 - do you still have the w0660 SDS hack file? i can't find any information for how to hack without using this file. hope you can give me a help. if you have the file can you send it to my email. Leslie.law68@gmail.com

    Many thanks.
    Hi amit87 - do you still have the sw0660 file? seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet! I can host for you if you want to stop getting nuisance requests?
    Hi paul,

    Just seen this. Sorry for the delay. Yes I still have the file... and I am happy for you to host it as I am so slow at replying it would help other users. Have you got an email addy?

    i have euro version with SW 0600.. and i would like to retrofit AUX, but i need newer firmware, could you help me ?

    Hello amit87 ,

    Unfortunately, the RNS-E SDS hack appears to be offline . Can you please give me the RNS-E SDS-Hack.rar via PN or send to SirCatweazle@gmx.de ?
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