MINIMUM expectations for the service of your RS3 at an AUDI dealership


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The following is taken from an Audi Dealer advert in this months Audi Driver magazine, and it clearly says that in this particular Audi dealership: "All Hal***** Audi technicians are manufacture-trained at the Audi UK headquarters in Milton Keynes and at the Audi AG training centre in Munich. Our two master technicians have achieved a qualification that marks them as the finest in their profession and they pass their huge knowledge to our other aftersales technicians."

I think this a good advert, providing confidence to a non-technical customer. I believe that this is the minimum that we RS3 owners should expect, and it is up to us to ensure that the dealership to which we entrust our vehicles are appropriately equipped i.e., that the actual dealership technician responsible for the servicing (for whatever reason) of our RS3 is an Audi Master Technician, duly trained and certified.

If you dealership cannot satisfy this simple requirement, then go find an Audi dealership that can!

Note: this post is prompted by the disgraceful servicing of CarrG's RS3, and I make no apology for doing so... the Audi dealership involved should be ashamed, and not allowed to lay a single spanner on another RS3!


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They always get one or the other Master Tech's at Stoke to work on mine and my wifes car. Carlisle have advised me it's there most senior master tech working on my car.

I remember the old Ford RS dealerships, alway used to have Ford RS factory trained techs in them. Walker Jackson, Cowie, Arriva Ford Swindon or what ever they are called now had a dedicated RS tech and his own area who only worked on Ford RS cars, be it an RS1600I right up to the Focus RS.

Should Audi do the same?