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Never underestimate the 3-wheeler:


From the archives i.e., before I re-seeded the front lawn
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And just for the FUN of it - and as it'll be Christmas soon - and if ONLY to wish ALL you guys the very best for the festive season... :racer:


This was Reliant's Christmas card in 1994
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AND these are 3-wheeler based (engine/gearbox/axle/brakes) too, oh yes! And I had a hand in these also :wtf:

You just gotta check these machines out Mark... :w00t:
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That looks like a ton of fun, I'd love to have a go at that.
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Great stuff John, I'm glad they chose you, you've given so much help to freely others.

This did also make me chuckle because I have a feeling there might be a couple of owners on another forum that will be as green as your jumper with envy when they see this. I'd have thought with all their 'contacts' at Audi they'd have been first in line...

As for other magazines where the 'Are you a member of the quattro club?' advert and your picture appears a friend (ahem) tells me you made Playboy this month. Appropriately given the engineering link your picture is next to some lubricants and specialist tools. I (oops I mean my friend) has already written to the editor to tell them they spelled the make of your favourite tools wrong, I mean come on everyone knows it's Snap-on not Strap On. Mind you I did think she looked a bit chilly in just a tool belt. :laugh:

I would like to second this, always so willing to help, very much appreciated mate, credit to the forum!

Congratulations John! :applaus:
Just IMAGINE!!! The things I do (today) for you...

DON't ever say I don't put out for you guys... Mark and Neil that is...

:) fab John, I've cleared a space on the drive let me know what time you'll be arriving! You best clear your diary for race weekends too because I'm going to need a chief engineer for all the inevitable repairs. If you know a good panel beater I suspect I'll need one of them too!

PS: a tow bar on an RS3 how could you ;)