MAF Sensor Boost Adapter?


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So I recently bought a Stepper Boost Gauge for my A3 1.8TFSI and fitting isn't as simple as I first thought due to the electronic dump valve.

Now from my research I can only see two options:
MAF Sensor Adapter:
Replacement Valve:

Now I would obviously prefer the cheaper option but correct me if I am wrong, but how can you measure the boost pressure before the turbo?

And I don't really need the whole replacement valve kit as at most I will be doing a stage 1 remap on my car. The only real part I seem to need from the kit is this part:
The Vacuum tap for the intake manifold... and instead of the pipe going to the mechanical dump valve, I could have it going to my boost gauge sensor.



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plenty of places sell them between 15 and 40 quid.
easy to fit work as they should etc.


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they fit both 18 and 2.0

no idea why they never list the 18