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Facelift M2 Comp vs. RS3 Saloon

X3man Nov 9, 2018

  1. X3man

    X3man Well known member Gold Supporter X3 M40i Carbon Black

    Agree, and interiors vastly improved too, which for me is fairly key but not complete showstopper.

    This price point and performance is pretty good for me, so worth a look when released supposedly in July next year.
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  3. infernox

    infernox Well-Known Member Team Glacier Team Mythos Audi S3 Audi RS3 S tronic

    With how BMW are hyping it as having a faster 0-62 time than the V8 E90 M3, you have to think the new M3 will be AWD. The M3 comp pack has a 4 second 0-62 time and I can't see them getting it lower with RWD.
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