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Just Bought 2012 Audi A3...Fault codes like a Xmas Tree...Please Help Audi Gurus !!!

Green Beans Jul 24, 2020

  1. Green Beans

    Green Beans Registered User

    I normally don't post **** chan on forums but here goes...I am at my wits end with this 2012 Audi a3 I bought ...$3000 in parts coilovers and everything and I am still dealing with fault codes.
    A little background...I am no stranger to mechanics but old school lol I just turned 50 yikes !
    This Audi is testing me though..I am presently swapping out the flywheel and clutch kit that apparently has a lower km engine installed around 65 000 km but it has more issues than Times magazine or like my ex girlfriend it seems. I've done all the vag basics replaced PVC, Diverter valve with go fast bits parts, new cam follower, new turbo cat etc. its like how deep does the rabbit hole go? Could the ECu just be pooched? I am new to the 2.0 T FSI engine and could really use a guided tour.
    I own Blue Driver and OBDEleven Pro and here is a scan. I hope someone out there with a lot more experience working on Audi and their fault codes may be able to at least point me in the right direction on the road to solving these annoying issues ? Yes I realize some of these faults are obvious like I be removing the intake to deal with that stuck runner and sensor but its nice riding car so I want it fixed right. Truly any Thoughts on these faults would be a god send at this point. Thanks in advance

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  3. dave_ph

    dave_ph Active Member VCDS Map User

    Have you cleared the fault codes and see what comes back?
  4. Green Beans

    Green Beans Registered User

    Yes most definitely I have cleared all codes except permanent ones and a few days later maybe even the same day they reappear? What happens if I do an entire factory reset for all control modules ? My coding skills are not on pare with my mechanical sorry

    Today I am addressing the intake runner stuck open fault and will recan wish me luck !

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