Jay A3 's 1.8T On-Going Build Thread


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Loads of room for spacers mate.

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Jay A3

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Ah cool, I was worried the wheels would sit too far out. Good to hear


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I've a little more space than you but you will still be more than fine

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Jay A3

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Got some time on the car past few weekends. Finally fitted the lcr front end bits but not without its problems.

The lcr carriers came with the bolt type hubs yet mine were the nut type. @Prawn - told me that this was not a problem. I needed to knock out an insert then I could use my current cv joints!


Driver side fitted with no issues but the passenger side was damaged which meant I had to use my old hub. Not ideal as my hub was a cheap copy and the abs ring is not correctly spaced which meant my abs kicks in everytime I pull away.

I will being contacting Tps on Monday for a genuine hub and wheel bearing!

While all that was out and the subframe was dropped I got the pipewerx downpipe on, but the decat pipe is about 3.5" too long, used the old one for now till I get it shortened properly.

Slapped on the coilovers too..

Front end: I hope that it will settle and drop slightly

The rear is lower but will tweak it once the fronts drop:

Next I will need to get this all aligned and tracked. Any suggestions where I should go and have this done? Somewhere with hunter equipment ??
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Jay A3

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So...... whats new? Well I have taken off the 18s and fitted new wheels.
17" Team dynamics which were only 2 months old, new set of tyres all round. Fits nice, on the fronts without spacers, maybe could stick 5mm on the fronts but reluctant to do so and on the rears I'm running 15mm.

I have recently developed a harsh vibration which travels through the accelerator when the car is hot and on full boost. The only thing I can think of is the DP and manifold getting hot expanding and vibrating the heat shielding etc... Will have a look at the weekend.

Jay A3

#because Racecar
So its been a long time since I've posted anything in here, I apologise for the lack of updates...

2016 was a very busy year and 2017 will be the same I imagine. So last year I picked up a cage from my friend that he had in his S3 8L, since he was going full cage I nabbed this off him. This was purchased as a bolt in cage, unfortunately this was not the case.

I had missed the fact that the S3 this came out of didnt have a sunroof, whereas my A3 does. Clearance above was an issue, which meant the legs had to be shortened, no drama there. So legs and mounting plates all cut off, and put back in and tacked for test.

Position of the front legs sat just in front of the rear bench, but we stumbled on the next issue. The front seats would have no room to slide back! Doh!
Back to the drawing board, long story short S3 and A3 obviously have a different floor plan as you know (I had forgotten this completely) The best way to secure this in was to make 4 mounting blocks to weld the cage onto. Trip down to see the guy as SAS Autoworks and did a great job! He used the the flatest part of the body and made 4mm thick Steel mounts.

Cage all painted:

Fitted along with the Corbeau busket seats:

Some Comfort put back in:

Al the same time, the top mounts were shot, so I upgraded them to standard Powerflex ones (Not the 10mm lower ones)

Car now feels solid and I'm starting to feel more confident in the handling. Within in 2 days of getting the car back, it was then off to Benjamin Pasrons for wideband conversion. Time to move on from the ME3.8

AMK Engine Loom (2 parts)
Wideband ECU
Accelerator Pedal
Pre Cat Lambda sensor
Coil packs (I got TFSI ones and adpaters)
Brand new 550cc injectors
2 x Knock sensors
VVT and gaskets
Electronic Throttle Body
Map sensor and boss fitting kit
Coolant Temp sensor
Brake switch
Clutch Switch
Terminal for switches and connectors
New Actuator

Custom made bracket for the pedal as bulkhead and fusebox was different!

All fitted and straigh onto the dyno


Couldn't be more happier with the results and hard work everyone has put in so far! SAS autoworks and Ben Parsons would recommend them both"

I need to look at the manifold as it is blowing slightly at high revs.
Either take this v3 mani off and reweld or upgrade...