I'm Racing this year!


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Hi all,

Just wondering if there are any other people who take part in motorsport?
I'm racing for the first time this year in the MK1 MR2 series.

Here's my beast! Had it a couple of weeks now, just a bare shell and engine left now.

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Mid engined, rear wheel drive! Just like a ferrari :unsure: haha.
Its going off next week to have the roll cage welded in, the fire extinguisher plumed in etc to make it all race legal. Starting to decal it up this week if i get chance.


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congrats dude, i raced last year in the porsche open with my dad and its wicked fun! good luck and keep us updated!



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Good luck mate!


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Is it the championship run by 750MC?

A friend of mine (and The Doctor) is starting this year too in a MK2 MR2


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For what it's worth, I race a Radical SR8 in UK and Europe. Have raced with them since 2004. Off to Ascari next weekend!