I Upgraded My S3 to AWD – L.P


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I purchased an 2018 S3 Sedan about 4/6 weeks ago from a (non Audi) dealership.

The car popped up online on a Thursday evening , I went to

Go look at it the next day and fell in love. If had all the options on my list and then some.

Ara Blue, virtual cockpit, SS seats, Pano roof, keyless entry, light pack and lots more, And only 23,000miles with 2 years of FWP left.

I struck a deal right there with the owner (of the dealership) and was told to come back in a few hours to collect her. Paid in full and collected her on Friday afternoon, It was a good day.
Unfortunately though the car did NOT drive as I anticipated.
First the most noticeable was the wild torque steer when under full boost.
Very erratic and pulled hard in Both directions (one then the other) during acceleration.
The traction control light also on Permanently/ constantly though 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.
Big disappointment.
My brother had just bought a new car and ended up getting it on the same day (c63 AMG 507edition) so we went for a run that weekend. It was very embarrassing to say the least, he left me for dead on the launch with my tyres squealing like crazy.

I have had 2 audi’s before , a stage 2 - S3 8p and a slightly modded S5 the v8 one.
After spending more time in the car I was convinced that it was FWD only and that something was wrong with the Haldex pump.
Mine is a FL and from what I read, apparently the issues were sorted out in this model? anyway.

I booked the car in with Audir for them to sort out, the allocated technician called me later that day and said he wasn’t able to find any thing wrong and on test driving it seems normal. I didnt accept that as I was convinced I was right. I requested a test drive with him, which he was cool with, and we did it while he logged on his laptop.

On the test drive, the Traction light was going mad as always and After 3 spirited accelerations the Haldex pump threw an error.
So we called it a day and he sent the file to Germany and we waited.
A few days passed and he got word back from them to replace the Haldex pump, a WIN! some progress.
I Dropped the car at the Dealer this morning and I just drove the car home from the dealers and am happy to report it feels like an Audi again!

What a beauty to drive.
Planted and Solid through the gears and I didn’t see the traction control light come on once and I was pushing it.
Cannot wait to get some more time behind the wheel and have a rematch with my brothers C63.
I have some mates with new cars, a 918 GTS and a Guilla QV race edition to represent against aswell. I will report back with some results

Ive already put a rockford sub and Spacers, Next is a drop and Possibly a Rear sway bar :)


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Seems to be a common problem with these haldex cars. Either not serviced or the filter/gauze not cleaned during service.
Mines starting to show symptoms of wheel spin when coming out of junctions now and again where it didn’t do it before. Luckily all under warranty.