1. S

    Hesitation on gear change

    Hope someone can help. Audi s3 2016 s tronic saloon The other day from standstill I floored the peddle to the ground, i was in manual dynamic mode. I shifted early from 1st gear to 2nd at around 3000 revs but when i went to shift the revs dropped and it seemed like the car cut the power (no...
  2. KeepItTidy

    I Upgraded My S3 to AWD – L.P

    I purchased an 2018 S3 Sedan about 4/6 weeks ago from a (non Audi) dealership. The car popped up online on a Thursday evening , I went to Go look at it the next day and fell in love. If had all the options on my list and then some. Ara Blue, virtual cockpit, SS seats, Pano roof, keyless...
  3. tchoeA3

    Haldex Traction Control

    Hello everyone, I have a 2016 Pre facelift A3 Quattro, with a 118,000km. My A3's Haldex Quattro system seems to not be working. Only my front wheels spin during acceleration in snow and wet roads. Took a video to confirm and did hard acceleration in snow and observed that no power is being...
  4. AlexTr

    Switch off rear wheals using cruise control

    Hi everyone! Could someone help me.. I have info, that using cruise contol and it is connectod to fuse 41 some how, when you reach some speed(e.g. 50mph) - then 44 fuse could be disconnected.. Could someone share info?
  5. Atrus5

    Haldex locked

    Pardon me for posting my Golf R question here but researching online it looks like there is expertise here since Audi uses more Haldex than VW and the S3 is a similar setup to my car. (I do have a Q7 and my son's S4 stores in my shed and I just sold my A4 - which I loved... so hopefully you...
  6. J

    Awd haldex controls module fault

    Hi all, 1st post on here... I have a S3 8P that has come up with an ESP fault. And has stayed on the dash permanently I took the car at a local Audi specialist and they have said that the Haldex control module is throwing up the fault and requires to be replaced...I’ve been quoted £1600...
  7. J

    Need help with propshaft coupling bolts

    I cant find any aftermarket places to buy new t09 propshaft coupling bolts as 2 of mine maraculously disapeared one day, it's for the rear. I've also got a huge crack in my haldex pump but thats a seperate issue. Appreciate any help I can get and I'm also in Perth, Australia
  8. Kramonket

    Haldex service kit s3 8l

    Hello you very knowledgeable lot. I'd need to find a haldex filter and oil for my s3 8l. Where can i find this? anyone have any links please?
  9. itchyhippo

    Audi S1 - High Pitch rotational noise under acceleration

    Good Evening! I have a 2015 Audi S1 and under heavy/full acceleration I get a rotational sounding high pitch 'ch-ch-ch' noise that increases with road speed. The noise is ONLY present under acceleration with Quattro enabled. As soon as I pull the fuse on the Haldex, the sound disappears. -...
  10. A

    About to purchase, Advice much needed!

    Hey all, Long time reader, first time poster. (Forgive me if i should of added this to another thread). I am looking for advise if possible. I am about to purchase the below vehicle. Have good general car knowledge from working in garages panelbeating for years during my time in college, but...
  11. quattrorally

    Do I need to be worried? Haldex/Whining

    Hi all, Audi S3 8V, 16 plate. 35 k miles. I noticed a whining noise that sounds like its coming from the front of the car. It's apparent when in a low gear, in sports mode or manual when accelerating it gets louder, but nothing crazy. In any case, it worried me, so i took it to Audi since it's...
  12. kaspar

    Traction control / ESP problem

    i recently bought a pfl rs3 from 2016. I’m loving the car, a big difference from my s3 8p. Im gonna try and explain the best way I can. I noticed straight away when I drove my car that something was wrong. When accelerating the ESP light flashes, especially when I floor it. Feels like the...
  13. A

    Haldex controller repair or replace ?

    audi a3 3.2 8p 2004 ive had and esp light come up on the dash and lost all drive to the rear wheels, I'm starting to think it must be the haldex controller, I've checked all the connections which look fine! Anyone had any experience with getting them repaired, there's a place I found which...
  14. TomBlueS3

    Another remap thread...or is it?

    Hi all :) I’ve decided I want to map the S3...don’t get me wrong 300bhp is quick, I just don’t like the way in which Audi have created the map it’s to smooth. It’s a very quick car it just doesn’t feel quick. I like cars that give a large amount of torque early on so you get that real shove...
  15. TomBlueS3

    S3 Haldex, DSG & Diff oil change

    Hi all :) Do Audi stealership still change the haldex oil only and not clean the gauze filter? In terms of servicing is there such a thing as a front and rear diff on the 8v that require oil changes? Is 38k okay to wait for DSG oil change or should it be done sooner? Thanks
  16. H

    HALDEX issues front wheel spinning quattro issues

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can recommend a garage within west yorkshire, front wheels are spinning up - rear are not kicking in, checked fuses which appear fine. Car has had a new front diff. I have read it may be the pump? but would rather take it somewhere reputable. thanks in advance
  17. pilla

    Traction & ABS lights illuminate when Haldex engages

    Hi guys, having more issues with the S3 - Had to limp 20 miles home on 3 cylinders on Wednesday, have sorted that issue now, but its still registering a misfire on cylinder 1, i think the cylinder shut down for whatever reason. I Do still have a cyl 1 misfire code and also a camshaft over...
  18. S3 Hilife

    Are these two Haldex controllers interchangeable?

    Hi guys, I’m half way through swapping my Haldex controller over for a replacement. I know there are two different designs of controller, one with circlip and one with bolt head, one has recessed fluid ports one doesn’t. Sods law I get the different one as a replacement. I’d like to know if I...
  19. S3 Hilife

    Rear end fishtailing

    I was having a play yesterday when the rear end started fishtailing on a 4th gear pull at full boost from around 70mph ish. I was accelerating out of a very slight bend when it happened so the haldex may have been engaged. It probably wasn’t a massive amount of movement but felt very unstable...
  20. antonws3

    Replace haldex unit

    After some help really with the haldex unit. I've not had my s3 a year and had the haldex unit supplied from audi and had a reconditioned rear diff fitted under my warranty with the garage I got my car from in January and already my haldex unit has gone and the garage I purchased the car doesn't...