Hot wheel(s) - New brake discs and pads...smoke from one wheel!


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So I had a car service on Wednesday and had new brake pads and discs fitted to both rear wheels.

My commute home is about 35 mins, 95 percent of which is all high quality dual carriageway. Yesterday, I was driving home and stopped at some traffic lights close to home and as I was looking in my driver's side mirror I noticed what appeared to be smoke coming from the rear wheel. I then thought that it must have been exhaust fumes but checked when I got home.

As I approached the driver's side rear wheel I could feel incredible heat from it. I could just about touch the alloy it was so hot. No such problem on the nearside wheel that also had pads and discs replaced. Or with any of the other wheels. They were warm but not searingly hot!

I drove into work this morning and didn't feel any unusual heat from any of the wheels.

Anyone got any ideas what could have caused this? I have the car booked in to be looked at tomorrow and I suspect a binding brake caliper but what should I do about this?

The service staff at Audi were already saying on the phone "it may not be a caliper, it could be something stuck between the disc and the pad"

What is the likelihood of damage to: the disc, the brake, brake fluid levels?
Am I within my rights to ask for completely new replacements?
How can I ascertain what they tell me is true if they say there was no damage done or that they only replaced a brake pad?

Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance


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Not my area of expertise but 100% you are within your rights to go back to the place you had it done and get them to sort it/fork out additional costs if there is any/if it is damaged, and I know a lot of the guys on here will agree! Have heard of new pads burning off the top layer to make a mist/smoke under breaking but that would not explain the extra heat. Hope it gets sorted mate


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Sounds like the pad has been binding on one side. Did you feel any unusual vibrations at all?

Excessive heat can cause damage to discs, but you might be lucky.

I'd go back to the garage who did the work, as they are liable for any further repairs.