Honeycomb grill fitting with headlight washers


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Hi all
I am a new member and have just bought a 62 plate A1 Black Edition. Looking to change it to a honeycomb grill and am yet to find a decent how to on how to take the front bumper off and change it. Seen lots of images from the manuals online but no actual how to/video. Does anyone have any links or such? Also as the Black Edition has the headlamp washers does this affect how the bumper is removed? Don;t want to break anything whilst doing it! Any help much appreciated thanks in advance.

shivjit soggi

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Iv just fitted mine. On the black edition it’s a pain in the back side to get the bumper off. There’s so many hidden/awkward screws to hold the bumper in place. Took me and my brother about 3.5 hrs on a ramp to take it off. In the end managed to get it on but forgot to paint the crash bar LOL. Iv attached a photo of mine!


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