1. Pétur

    Need audi emblem holder for honeycomb grill

    So I bought rs6 aftermarket front bumper from xenon.uk on my audi a6, and I'm not finding any audi badge that would fit it, I'm in Iceland so it takes time to order something from ebay and se if it fits, does someone know wich emblem fits on it
  2. A

    Honeycomb grill fitting with headlight washers

    Hi all I am a new member and have just bought a 62 plate A1 Black Edition. Looking to change it to a honeycomb grill and am yet to find a decent how to on how to take the front bumper off and change it. Seen lots of images from the manuals online but no actual how to/video. Does anyone have any...
  3. D

    Another RS Grille Question/Query

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently purchased a facelift S-Line C7 Avant, and was looking to eventually swap the front bumper for an RS6 bumper, I think they’re a lot more “aggressive” and I absolutely love the look of them. However, the Xenonz RS6 bumper is currently out of stock, and so, in the mean...
  4. A

    RS grille and crash bar/sensor

    Audi A3 8V Sport. I’m thinking of changing my grille to the RS honeycomb style grille, but I’ve heard a lot of people saying they just removed the foam piece that surrounds the crash bar. Am I right I’m thinking this houses the crash sensor? If so, how was the sensor fixed back into place and...
  5. L

    Honeycomb grill on b8 - front parking sensors fail

    Hey guys, Looking for some serious help ! I bought a honey comb grill to swap over onto my 2011 a4 quattro, swapped it over and it looks amazing compared to the standard grill ! However, i have tried to put the front sensors back onto the grill just behind the honey comb under my reg plate amd...
  6. Ike

    S3 front fog light bulb replacement (honeycomb grille)

    how on earth do you remove the s3 honeycomb fog light grilles? I've seen a pdf guide for s-line type and also some mentions of squeeze and release. with the honeycomb ones I can see what looks like a release (couple of cm wide and couple of mm high, just big enough for a flat-head screwdriver...
  7. Craiggallan

    Honeycomb Grill Swap for S3 8V (2015 with Parking sensors and ACC)

    Hi All, First time posting on this. I am looking at swapping the standard S3 grill on my car to the RS3 honeycomb... however I cant seem to find any that have the holes for the Parking Sensors, or the slot for the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Preferably I would like to have the Black...
  8. S

    Looking for b8.5 honeycomb grill for A4 (rs4 style)

    I've been searching everywhere and have not been able to find a honeycomb grill for my b8.5 A4 (that ships to Canada), does anyone know of a place to get one and has a link if possible? thanks!
  9. AudiTom

    {UK} Where do you put your number plate?

    After thinking about how to display my plate, Strick UK plate laws and all post pics of you numberplate configuration? Don't wanna ruin the look of my grill
  10. DanBastow

    tow hook numberplate

    hi i've just brought a black honey comb grill for my a3 and a like the clean look of thegrill with no number plate on it so ive been looking at mounting a square numberplate to my car using a tow hook mount as i dont like the look of stickers and i drive past a ploice station every day so i cant...
  11. KrisKrk

    Honeycomb fog grille mesh (RS6 look)

    Got inspired by one of the members who did this easy mod and decided to also have it done. Thanx niedzial 1983 I've chosen however, the harder way (as majority in my life) and decided to bring the mesh slightly to the front. But from the beggining. Couldn't get smaller piece of that mesh...
  12. sherry477

    Cheap S-Line Honeycomb Grille

    Is there any places to buy a honeycomb grille for the s-line a4 b7 bumper. I've found a few but they cost upwards of £400.