High mileage 3.0 tdi 245bhp


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Been looking for a nice A6 avant come across a high mile one but it's spec is pretty nice, tech pack, comfort pack, tv, bose, front and rear camera's and so on.

It's got around 165k on the clock but full history.

Is it worth the risk or should I just look for a lower mileage car.


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Your going to be looking at a lot of tired bushes, suspension parts & potential drive train issues unless the car has been meticulously maintained by previous owners. That's pretty heavy mileage for a relatively young car.

Even if cheap, I would give a swerve.

Unless you're mechanically minded or have deep pockets & a friendly indi close by it could turn into a bit of a nightmare. Especially if your going to rely on it for a daily driver.

Plenty of fish in the sea thanks to 3yr finance deals so I'd keep looking unless you fancy a challenge!


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Haha that was my thinking just the spec was the pull. Not that many with all them options....
Depends on price tbh. Our bitdi is on 120k now. Drives like new. Just done a wheel bearing but expected bits.
Bushes look like new I think age is worst than mileage most of our miles were motorways my mate was doing 36k a year in it so I knew it' history from new


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I'm torn to be honest. We don't do mega miles but by the time I get rid it would be over 200k so getting any return would be hard as well as actually selling it.

Think it needs to be real cheap to make it worth it.
Same boat with ours. Had 97k ish when we got it 2.5 years ago. Might run it till it dies had my s3 14 years so 2 years is just the beginning