Help with A4 B7 Suspension


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Jan 31, 2022
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Please help me!

I bought my 2005 3.0L A4 B7 S-line 4 months ago and has so far cost me £500 in tyres, the car had been slightly lowered before I bought it

The first tyre to go was front left, the second time I drove it I hit a nail. Not long after it went into the garage for a slight exhaust rattle and when it was on ramps it was clear than the inner of the rear tyres was completely bald, down to camber in sections. I should have seen this but the tyres we're almost new so looked fine to me. After this I had the tracking adjusted, it wasn't far off. The next tyre to go with front right, yet another puncture. And finally a few days ago the inner sidewall of my (month old) rear tyre totally collapsed.

Tyres we're all Kumhos at £102 each

Will putting stock suspension back on fix my issue? Is there anything else I should do?

Thank you!


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Feb 4, 2018
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You will normally find that the n/s tyre will wear faster due to roundabouts, however it shouldn't be a significant amount more.

I suffered from the inner edges wearing on my avant prior to lowering it and still after fitting the springs. I've since cured it by fitting a complete new control arm kit and doing the tracking, and that is still with the lowering springs fitted. Multi link style suspension setups like on the B7 platform have more bushes etc to wear than a traditional mcphearson strut setup and worn components can greatly affect tyre wear and handling.

I would check how far the car is lowered to begin with, then look into a good quality control arm kit. I fitted a meyle HD kit to mine and paid arounf £350 ish (dont waste your money on the cheap kits) then replace the tyres in needed and get your wheel alignment done and you should resolve your premature wear issues and also improve your handling and ride quality too!