Help locating a Wobbling Noise - Driving me Nuts


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Hi Guys,
This one is driving me nuts for two reasons, first it is the noise and two the fact that I can’t figure it out!! It is a wobbling sound that goes like: wo wo wo (I know its funny but thats how it is) coming from the front, driver’s side, or at least I think it is. It starts when speed hits 30km and up. There is no noise when the car is at stand still (idle or throttle) though sometimes, I can start hearing it as soon as I take off. The noise is there while on the throttle or the brake while driving, it is also there whether the car is in gear or neutral. There is no steering wheel or brake pedal vibration or any other noise, apart from normal background tyre noise. Car drives super smooth and the noise is there while driving on different types of surface (louder on concrete roads).
I have eliminated the following (due to the following reasons):
- Exhaust (I just had milltek TBE installed, noise was there before);
- Springs (just had H&R ones installed, noise was there before);
- ALK/Castor installed (noise still there);
- Front sway bar (replaced with H&R, noise was there before);
- Subframe Assembly (torqued properly after sway bar install and checked again when springs installed)
- Engine cover (removed when installed the Twintake)
- Tyres: My front driver side tyre was bolding on the inside so I thought that must be it but I had my tyres rotated plus wheel alignment after sway bar install and again after springs install and still the same. Tyres are Mich Exaltos with 39,000km on them with plenty of tread left. I run 40psi front and 32-34 rear (depending if im doing normal or hard driving).
- Front Wheel bearings (Car just got serviced and bearings checked while on hoist. No play and no noise when rotating by hand);
- Panels/shields etc (car was on hoist and I walked with the mechanic and checked all suspecting panels but couldn’t find anything loose including plastic under tray. If there is a suspected panel then do please let me know;
- Dog bone insert? Replaced with BFI. I dont recall hearing the noise before that but I have asked one of the best VW/Audi Mechanics here and he said they should not cause anything like that. I have torqued it correctly and again no vibrations due to it, not even when reversing.
- Rear sway bar? Replaced with H&R. I dont recall the noise being there before but I checked it and nothing is lose and was all torqued correctly and it is not touching anything.

As you can see, I systematically eliminated many reasons but no luck yet. Can it be a brake calliper or a pad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS. Car derives amazingly well after completing the mods above.


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Does the frequency increase with road speed. If so it is something rotating. If not it might be airflow related. Do a test drive with your wing mirrors folded in or with the wipers off.


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OEM windscreen and pretty much it gets noiser the faster i go but it changes depending on how rough the rd surface is but it is always there. I'm thinking it is more of a vibration but I will try the wipers and mirrors folding, maybe they are vibrating. Also thought it might be the bonnet hydraulic holding arm. I wiggled it a bit but that didnt help.

Another thing i will try is drop the tyre pressure to 25 psi all round and see if the noise changes. At least then i can 100% take the tyres out of the equation. thanks for the suggestions guys. If you have any more then do please let me know.


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It goes 'wo wo wo' but only once you're moving... Are you sure you haven't got a cowboy trapped under the car?

Sorry... Seriously though, is it audible enough to get a recording?...



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I had a similar sound when i first got my car. It was under warranty at the time so dealer sorted it.
Apparently it was something to do with wheel arch liner. Don't know exactly what they did but it sorted it .
Worth having a look.!
Can you wind window down and drive slowly to try and pinpoint were noise is coming from ?
Good look , i no things like this are very annoying .


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hehe Nice one Faction. Dont think its loud enough for a recording. Problem im extremely sensitive to sounds (My hearing was tested by a specialist once and it turns out its much better than average which can be very annoying in such situations).

James: I was told that the front guard can do that but if they are loose but mine was on hoist the other day and I had a good look at the driver side however i have not checked the passenger or the rear ones. I will give it a go tomorrow. Today I had my friend drive the car while i was in the passenger seat and now im not 100% sure if its from the front. It might be that rear right bolding tire but jury still out. I will reduce the pressure in that tyre from 34 (went for a hard drive on the weekend) to maybe 20 and see if that makes a difference. I shall report back. Thanks for the help guys.