Headlight bulb upgrade ?


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Dec 13, 2014
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I recently bought a 2008 A3 but find that the standard lights are not the best just wondering what brand most ppl upgrade there bulbs to . Thanks (ps don't want hids )
Best I've found are the osram nightbreaker plus
Now been surpassed by the Osram Nightbreaker unlimited, or Phillips X-treme

If you do go hid way Welldone just added a 20% discount code to group buy
Think I'm going to try the Phillips xtreame been reading a few reviews on the orsman and a lot of ppl saying they don't last very long . Thanks
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Yea in my last A3 I had osrams, pretty good upgrade, but still a yellowish tinge.
Yeah I ended up going for the Philips xtreame I got them from Eurocarparts last week a huge diffrence over the standard bulbs imo very happy with them . Thanks
I've ordered a pair too and will let you know what I think..
any Xenon upgrade, dont waste your money on halogen bulbs, personally i think halogen should be banned now we have xenon and led technology.

I imagine, Halogen has been the cause for so many crashes over the years. Halogen = candles, xenon = floodlights
Standard halogen bulbs should be made illegal.

Uprated halogen development has peaked.

Cree Led are interesting and it's further development.
Uprated halogen is purely cosmetic. The bulb temperatures still remain way off 'daylight' therefore, even though they may be 'brighter' does not mean they are any more useful than a standard bulb really.
get the bi-xenon upgrade... its costly but you won't regret it! best upgrade you can do!

100% agree once you drive with bi-xenon driving with normal halogen is like driving with candles stuck to the front of your car

these new LED headlights look to have pushed the bar even higher
I use the philips-whitevision-h7-twin in dip and main beam, nice you get matching side light bulbs
I have some brand new Philips X-treme Vision if any one is intrested. PM me.
I'm running 100w bulbs from trups, nice colour/temp and no issues yet.

Cheap too.
How difficult are they to switch out?

Do the side lights look too yellow once the X tremes are in place?

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