Got my 1.8TQS

nice one as Foxy says pics you get a good deal?





I am absolutely shattered. Awesome drive back... pulls like a train and is glued to the road. Overall I'm quite happy. There are a few defects which weren't in the ad, but only minor cosmetic things. Functionally it is perfect, although either the thermostat or CTS is knackered which I'm a bit annoyed about.
Will be the stat. They all seem to be failing at this age.

Looks nice and tidy. Silver though :(

Thanks. I'll get it changed in the week at some point. Yeah, silver. :( Not my first choice but I can't bring myself to turn it down just because it's silver. :p There are a few decent silver ones out there though - Geeman, for example.
yea nothing wrong with silver! nice example, S4 allys as well looks a bit like mine!
Just have to go to Surrey to collect it. *rolls eyes*

glad you like your car,i phoned up bout this one (guy called tim i think),but was sold.All tho he put me in touch with his mate who had silver one exactly the same.

so i also had long drive to surrey and had to hand over 3k....

Great car really solid for 10 year old car ,interior is mint , but also found a few issues once i gave it a good fettle...!!!

happy motoring pedro...!