Good PS3 Games?


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Add me too mate , i have RFoM and F1 and PES (Kontraband! it's on! haha)

Is unreal 3 good..? i see you got it..


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hahah yeah, its brilliant... but then I loved the original... wasted many an hour on UT instead of studying... ;) Between that and Champ Man its amazing I graduated from anyhere!

Not too sure about the vehicles tho... thats a bit weird... probably just takes some getting used to...

theres custom maps too... Ive downloaded a completly destructable lego map... that looks amusing... gotta try it out when the missis leave me be and goes down t'gym:zen:

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If anyone likes a bit of gore, violence, swearing, guns and a bit of horror thrown in I can very much recomend

The Darkness

I loved it on the 360 it was a fantastic game


yeah i got the darkness as well completed it a while ago the levels where you go to hell are weird though and easy to get lost.turok is a good game


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Thought it time I got back into this thread. Since I got the PS3 I have bought a few games, a mixture of some for me and some for the kids. Admittedly sometimes I have liked the ones for the kids best.

Brief Synopsis:

F.E.A.R. - Top atmospheric game. Best played with surround sound. Very creepy but good FPS.
Folklore - Obscure fantasy game with fantastic graphics but got boring very quickly
Harry Potter & the Order of The Phoenix - **** gameplay but interesting enough to keep the kids busy. I loved the fact that my (then) 4 year old got into chess because there was a chess minigame
Golden Compass - Dont even go there, life is too short
Heavenly Sword - Good graphics but sometines frustrating gameplay (aftertouch)
Genji days of the blade - Really enjoyed playing it until I got stuck in a section tried to get through it but failed dismally so have not played it in months
Burnout Paradise City - Good fun but have not played it much, have only driven about 100 miles compared to my brothers 3500. Only got it a couple of weeks ago so can probably be forgiven for that
Ratchet & Clank tools of destruction - Top game and probably the one I have enjoyed the most have now completed it 4 times and enjoyed every trip through it
Assasins Creed - Have never got past the opening sequence as I got bored waiting for the game to start. Gotta get on top of this as my 14 year old completed it in a few days!
Motorstorm - good racer, fantastic graphics
Simpsons - good fun but some of the levels get frustrating. Like the humour though.
Star Wars Lego - good good fun but got to be played as a 2 player. Love playing this with my 5 year old
Pirates of the caribbean - Again dont go there. I insist that I am going to complete this but only when completely bored
Godfather Dons Edition - Cant really comment, played it for a while but got bored

I reckon where I went wrong was that I have bought too many games and have not focused enough on each one. Work and personal life does not allow enough time for long gaming sessions so I just like something you can put on and play. Maybe that is why I prefer the kids games!
Of the above I definitely recommend Ratchet and Clank, It may sound childish but going around using extreme weapons against outlandish enemies just really appeals to me.


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